PQ’s PKP Conundrum (or, what’s a left-wing party to do?)

dilemma_citizenSo, here we are with the possible heir-apparent, M. Pierre Karl Peladeau (PKP), recently announcing his intentions to lead the Parti Quebecois (PQ) to their next election victory in less than four years. No need to fret fellow Quebeckers…we have a new ‘savior’ in the house!

Many know that I respect democracy. They also know that I believe that in a democracy where we have the right (and obligation) to apply our freedom to question governments and their policy positions. This is something that I not only embrace but fully encourage others do. Continue reading →


The Bigger Picture: Why Government Accountability is in Question (Quebec)?

I used to agree about this generation feeling “entitled” but my opinion has changed. Every generation believed that the younger ones were spoiled (yes, including us and our parents). We should be proud that the students are taking a stand for their beliefs whether you agree or not. I don’t agree how they are handling it. I believe in passive-resistance and peaceful protest (e.g. Vietnam, India’s independence, US segregation, etc). If they were conducting silent marches, hunger strikes, sit-ins while the police/law makers were acting stupid they would gain full pubic support.
The big problem is that the protest on tuition is masking (or unveiling) the true message of corruption, wasteful, and unaccountable government spending while asking the public be more austere. Let’s analyze how government (in Quebec and Canada) has acted in the past 5 years: Continue reading →

Civil Disobedience, A Democratic Tool to Send a Message

I believe most of the public is missing the bigger picture when it comes to the Quebec student protests. There are several issues at play that many don’t notice.

First, the taxpaying public should be upset about the tuition increase. The argument is that tuition in other provinces are much higher. What the public fails to recognize is that the taxpayers in these provinces also pay less to subsidize education. So, if the Quebec government wants to increase tuition it should also reduce the tax burden on the public. Continue reading →